finding the Perfection amongst the imperfection
no it is not a perfect job
but to accomplish it will make me feel perfect

nothing is perfect
oui, everything is imperfect
but yet i still want to find the Perfection

trying to be perfect
although i'm not one
i still want to be called a perfect girl
living in an imperfectness

and time pass by
I finally find my Perfection
that makes me feel perfect

deep inside my little heart
there is a place where the Perfection live
the only Perfection in the world
that is my Salvation

little by little
step by step
I learn from the Perfection
how to be perfect
although i'm still far from one

in the end of my journey
I shall be perfect

i am metamorphosing
from an imperfect caterpillar
to a perfect butterfly

leaving the imperfectness of my life
and be together with my Perfection
in the finish line

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Writer adrian.achyar
adrian.achyar at Imperfectness (12 years 45 weeks ago)

There is perfection within imperfection (ngomong apaan sih gw?) :D

Makasih dah komen. And u were right, lg baca kitab suci ^^

Salam kenal yaaa :D

p.s: saya mau kasih point 8 tapi kalo point-nya jadi 5, maaf ya. Browser saya agak error.

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Writer man Atek
man Atek at Imperfectness (12 years 45 weeks ago)

wuich ... nanda, very nice poem
try again yoh, u can do it, sueeer !

Writer Damaris alDrin
Damaris alDrin at Imperfectness (12 years 46 weeks ago)

moderate 'n easy to understanding so attractive..

Writer prince-adi
prince-adi at Imperfectness (12 years 47 weeks ago)

better in english lah...

Writer Nozomi-chan
Nozomi-chan at Imperfectness (12 years 47 weeks ago)

growing growing into butterfly.....nice!!^^

Writer engko82
engko82 at Imperfectness (12 years 48 weeks ago)

Masih kurang kata2 berbau metafora. If its on it. I bet, you got 10 point. He..5x

See Me!

Writer zera
zera at Imperfectness (12 years 48 weeks ago)