Untitled poem (pokoknya baca aja dah!)

duh, mau bilang apa yah? Gx tw.. Ini nyambung kemana? Maksudnya apa? Gx ngerti juga.. Hh.. Entah..

Sit down and listen, i want to tell you something.

Parts i had been keeping for a long time.

just say, i am a liar?

Yes, cause i denied my love to you.

For a long time, i had been dying, sicked with thoughts.

I've lost you even before i could raise my hands to reach you.

Is'nt it too much?

So please listen, i want to tell you something.

I love you enough to lost myself.

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mau usul, coba dibikin dalam satu bahasa aja deh, pasti lebih mengena lagi maknanya.. :)