Once i used to think that nothing would separate us,

with love we shared could stay strong in and after life

Once i used to think you would always return my calls,

writing my name in your heart instead of that cold stone in the graveyard

Once i used to think that perhaps loving you was such a pathetic hope,

as i saw you turn your back leaving me behind

Once i swore i would die for you,

but i never meant like this*

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Writer Midori_Fukuro
Midori_Fukuro at Once (11 years 34 weeks ago)

die for me? thanks... :D :D

Writer Bampi73
Bampi73 at Once (12 years 4 weeks ago)


Writer samudera
samudera at Once (12 years 4 weeks ago)

baguuus juga sich.......
mungkin, karena lelah...sekian aja komentar dariku yaaach.
dilain waktu mungkin akan lebih? jika ada...