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In The Class
Chemistry! It was annoying subject and always made me fell asleep. And when my head almost hitted the table, a spitball hitted my shoulder first. I wake and took it. I looked back and Joe winked at me. Oh my gosh! He’s so gorgeous. Oops, Mr. Flintwood was looking around, I had to pretend in seriously.

Hmmm... Joe wrote a little letter as usual. I read it.

Hey, silly, don’t sleep! Mr. F is gonna hit your bottom later, lol

I replied it as soon as possible.

Come on, my eyes is really poor. This subject, I’m not sure that you get it. Admit it,lol

I threw it back. Then, we’ve been just chatting for this subject. After school, I brought the spitball to house, and read it happily in my room. You wanna know, Di? Here it goes...

Prince: Absolutely I get it! I always get A+. Why you asked?

Me: really? U r conceited!!! Nope, just asked, why? Wrong?

Prince: I’m not conceited. I just proud of myself, hahahaha... come on, don’t always sleep, watch Mr. F, he’s watching u out.

Me: I don’t wanna sleep either. He’s talking just like bedtime stories for me. Would u teach me?

Prince: teach you? What will u pay for it? Hey, how many times he said, ‘u-huh’?

Me: Oh, man, why I should pay you? U count Mr. F’s ‘u-huh’? man... is this that make you get A+?

Prince: No free in this world, babe, lol... hey, that’s called ‘pay attention’!

Me: but you make me not pay attention, don’t you?

Prince: really? I’m sure you’re gonna sleep if I don’t do this. Hahahaha... sleeping hag is sooo sleepyyyy yyiiihhhaaa... look, mr. F! He’s watching u out!

Me: what? Sleeping hag? How could you! I don’t care if Mr. F always looking at me. That’s why I’m beautiful! Seriously, I want you teach me chemistry. Please...

Prince: I do, but you have to pay. What? U r dreaming, sleeping hag.

Me: OK I get it. U always need together time with your gf, the Chelsea

Prince: Chelsea? Gf? Who said?

Me: Me, just now. It’s true, right?

Prince: No. I broke up last month, o my gosh, you are too late. Wake up, hag! It’s 2012!!!

Me: Really? So she is your ex now? Do u still love her?

Prince: Why u asked? U wanna sign up be my next gf, huh? Lol...

Me: well then, may I?

Prince: really?

Me: absolutely no!!! You expect me, right? Hahahaha... come on, this homework, in my home, later at 7?

Prince:homework date?

Me: it called study team!!! Lolll

Prince: the pay is... u havee to be my girl!

Me: whaaaatttt? !@@#$*^&%^$

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Writer stilldaydreaming
stilldaydreaming at little chat (10 years 34 weeks ago)

Waaaah, suka endingnya. Manis kak >.<. Bikin pengen memekik,"kyaaaa",xD
Sama..aku juga agak kesulitan dengan bhs Inggris wkwkkw
Nice :)
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Writer dieka2501
dieka2501 at little chat (10 years 34 weeks ago)

aihh.. keren... :D hhaha.. mudah dimengerti.. singkat jelas dan padat... like this

Writer citruz shell fine
citruz shell fine at little chat (10 years 37 weeks ago)

aku orang baru nih,, mohon bantuannya,,,,

Writer cat
cat at little chat (10 years 38 weeks ago)

Hem . . .
Sedikit kerepotan dgn bhs inggris wkwkwk.

Writer cat
cat at little chat (10 years 38 weeks ago)

Hem . . .
Sedikit kerepotan dgn bhs inggris wkwkwk.

Writer lavender
lavender at little chat (10 years 38 weeks ago)

Nice one.. :)

Writer Midori_Fukuro
Midori_Fukuro at little chat (10 years 38 weeks ago)


Writer miss.jade
miss.jade at little chat (10 years 38 weeks ago)

loncatan penyemangat, hahahaha :)
silakan dibantai ^^