Lords of Wars


It is as if we all lose consciousness—

—lose minds, lose souls—

—that we wander aimlessly in people’s memory


We used to fight and kill

and pour enemy’s blood on our beloved Terra


We used to reign with fear

and power and victorious names clung on our pride


Now we end up in history books

We miss battlefield and swords

and bows and arrows and the magic of darkness


We want to be named the Cruel, the Tormentor,

the Last Hope, the Lords of Wars


We want to live up in people’s memory—

—no, not as Lords of the Past—

—as raging, rebellious spirit

So we can live forever,

no longer losing consciousness,

losing minds,

either losing souls


We are Lords of Wars, we were, we will always be ... 


[May the 19th]

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Writer Riesling
Riesling at Lords of Wars (9 years 12 weeks ago)


Writer Zoelkarnaen
Zoelkarnaen at Lords of Wars (9 years 17 weeks ago)

This is an ex-Lords journal... XD

It's kinda reminds me to a song (Disturbed - Indestructible)... C'mon, you can write, so write, don't think about it too darn much. If you feel it, write it, if you don't, then give it a rest. Writing a story is a hobby and a fun thing to do, not an obligation (except it is your job).
*shot by a random person*

Ayayay... Sorry for rambling like a drunkard here, I'll look forward for your next stories... ^^

(actually, I'm also practicing my English XD)

Writer synrio
synrio at Lords of Wars (9 years 16 weeks ago)

<-- never listen to Indestructible before
You just inspired me to listen to it XD

pinky_chan at Lords of Wars (9 years 17 weeks ago)

as nice as the others...:) baguuuss..