One day in Jakarta

One day in Jakarta
I see people in the morning
Brings sleepy and
Earphone stick on ears

Don't care people around
Catch they dreams
Which is Waste the time

One day in Jakarta
Bulk of rubbish
On corner highways
They say its modern!

Who's pick up?
They don't knows
Who's responsibility?
They forget

One day in Jakarta
Full of dreams
Even don't know
What they searching for...


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Writer Putri_Pratama
Putri_Pratama at One day in Jakarta (9 years 31 weeks ago)

Tentang kehidupan di Jakarta?

Writer nixyan
nixyan at One day in Jakarta (9 years 40 weeks ago)

Apa kabar Wyde? Lama gak liat kamu di sini, hehe..
"Earphone stick on ears" , hehe.. saya gak di Jakarta dan suka juga pake earphone di telinga... (hahaha... becanda Wyd..)
Kapan2 ke Jakarta ah..
Salamku :)

Writer nazokagi
nazokagi at One day in Jakarta (9 years 40 weeks ago)

tergantung dari sisi mana kita melihatnya