“I miss you, boy,” father hugged his 7-year old kid. Being home after almost three-year detention.

“Where were you for so long?” the kid asked unhappy.

“Uhmm..,” daddy could say nothing.

“I hate Andy, uncle, auntie, and yes, I hate you!

The man hugged him, “Why?”

“You’re not home just before mommy passed away. Now I know!”

“What?! They finally told you!?”

“Only Andy. I found this picture while cleaning up our house. I told Andy and he whispered me that’s why we had two Christmas Eves with no presents. You’re in jail. You robbed Santa and killed his deer”

|pic's originally taken from here|

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(1 words) posted by dhodotes 7 years 37 weeks ago
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Writer haruo_damon
haruo_damon at I HATE DADDY! (7 years 22 weeks ago)

the picture make me take this conclusion "is the boy's father was an illegal hunter?"

Writer cobaltblue
cobaltblue at I HATE DADDY! (7 years 26 weeks ago)

Asem, yang ini aku nggak nangkep maksudnya >_>

Writer kemalbarca
kemalbarca at I HATE DADDY! (7 years 29 weeks ago)

ngg, ini cerita komedi, horror atau sedih? aku bingung harus respon apa

Writer ida
ida at I HATE DADDY! (7 years 29 weeks ago)

Hehehe... :D

Writer pratama_fariz
pratama_fariz at I HATE DADDY! (7 years 29 weeks ago)

Funny but well-guessed ;)

Writer d.a.y.e.u.h.
d.a.y.e.u.h. at I HATE DADDY! (7 years 29 weeks ago)

seneng aja cerita2 ginian