A Poem About You

Oh, how can you bring me joy

Just by seeing your fine face

Oh, how can you destroy all the walls built around me

Just by looking at your smile

Oh, how can you lit passions inside me

Just by touching my skin


You’re the radiant creature with eyes filled with everything

Love, anguish, hope, wit, and miracle

That turns my cheeks red as a rose every time you look at me with those eyes

A diamond among pebbles

A beautiful written page that I want to non-stop reading

A magnificent painting only God who knows how to paint it

A majestic song I would love to dance to every single time

A greatest sight that always occupies my mind


You’re my savior

Not as a prince with a white horse

But as a fierce dragon who vanquished my fears

Flew me away from land of horrors

Pulled me away from terrors

And saved me from delusions


There’s no words that I could possibly say

Nor phrases I could possibly let out

To say how much I love you and treasure you

Only grateful tears and sweet daydreams

With a kiss to tell you that...

I’m happy

I’m happy

I’m happy with you 

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Writer vlotska
vlotska at A Poem About You (7 years 45 weeks ago)

wonderful! >,<

Writer Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Supercalifragil... at A Poem About You (7 years 47 weeks ago)

I always find it hard to write a poem this bright, howd u do that?

Writer Mhysa
Mhysa at A Poem About You (7 years 46 weeks ago)

I just wrote it down.. :) this poem describes my feelings towards him, and I love him so much :)

Writer Sylphermizt
Sylphermizt at A Poem About You (7 years 47 weeks ago)

Ah so sweet.. Please visit back my small inn :3

Writer azraelsalvatore
azraelsalvatore at A Poem About You (7 years 47 weeks ago)

Woah great poem..
Your boyfriend must be so lucky :)