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Writer cassle
cassle at Lapse (13 years 39 weeks ago)

menurut Cass sih nilai sastra dan seninya tinggi... Well done.

Writer bl09on
bl09on at Lapse (14 years 18 weeks ago)

TUhan jadi pokok bahasan ya ....

Writer my bro
my bro at Lapse (14 years 19 weeks ago)

sejuk dan tenang..

itu yg gw dapet dari karya lo bro

Writer arien arda
arien arda at Lapse (14 years 19 weeks ago)

i remembered my high school teacher. He teach us English literature and i like it cos so beautiful

i see it now in this poem..
i like it..

keep writing

Writer brown
brown at Lapse (14 years 20 weeks ago)

well i haven't read many English poems, but it does remind me of the very old fashioned of English literature which is commonly used in poems only now a days. and it makes this poem (and the other one) a bit unique. not sure, just didn't see many poems of this kind here.

great job!

Writer adrian.achyar
adrian.achyar at Lapse (14 years 22 weeks ago)

Guys, thanks for the comments and points ^_^ for a while I thought this kind of poem would interest anyone - not it really bothers me though - but many thanks for commenting :)

for hiutara_baz:
well, I don't know anything about doa Bapa Kami but it IS a prayer, written in poem.

for chatarou:
can I give you a bit of correction: " sounds really..."

As for the words, perhaps I used a lot of uncommon vocabs but you can always look for their definitions at; It's a great dictionary site, really.

for hasnankh, suri-jamur, brown, rien & my_bro:
Thanks for reading this piece ^_^

The Three Fowers, Among the Clouds... Guys, please read my stories & poems at ^_^

Writer Chatarou
Chatarou at Lapse (14 years 22 weeks ago)

I don't even know the whole meaning.. is sound really great.
give me time & I'll learn more about it


Writer hiutara_baz
hiutara_baz at Lapse (14 years 22 weeks ago)

pernah baca di mana, ya, yang kayak gini??
kayaknya di doa Bapa Kami versi English lama....
Ini semacam puisi yang isinya doa juga, ya?? ice

Writer suri-jamur
suri-jamur at Lapse (14 years 22 weeks ago)

gw pernah liat kaya beginian, di naskah Romeo-Juliet-nyah Shakespeare di perpus ^____^
"Romeo,...Romeo, where art thou!!"
keren banget ih!!bisa bikin poem kaya begitu

Writer hasnankh
hasnankh at Lapse (14 years 22 weeks ago)

belum ngerti tapi bagus