Looping Paranoia

A young man wearing a suit was having an argument with a security officer in front of the school gate that afternoon.


"I can't let you pass."


"But my... Ah, I have to pick up my... my sister! She's waiting for me!"


"No can do, Mister. How many tines d'ya think I've heard that excuse? Molesters... Stalkers... Pedophiles... They all sayin' they're a family member. Just give up and go home or I'm gonna call the cops."


The young man stepped back, pondering his next step. He HAD TO get into the school somehow. If he didn't, something terrible was bound to happen.


...Or not.


It could have only been a mad man's rambling. That crazy dude came to the young man's office and talked about time loops and tragedy and other impossible stuff. 


Now that he thought about it once again, nothing the time loope guy said make any sense. But when he said the young man's loved one would die if he weren't by her side, why did he let it bother him so much?


The young man just couldn't let it go. The thought of such possibility... It's... unthinkable. Even if it's absurd, even if it's ridiculous, if that girl died when he was not by her side... He would never forgive himself.


Heck, he would not even be able to live.


That's why... That's why he must get into the school somehow, so he can be by her side.


"I beg you, please let me in..."


"No, you can't--"


The young man's fist moved on his own accord. The security officer was knocked out cold.


The dark grey cloud felt ominous. The young man could not push away the unease weighing down his chest as he ran through the school hallway.


Why would a mad man's rambling bother him so much?


The school building was almost empty. He could feel the chill creeping under his skin. This baseless paranoia was driving him crazy.


No... it was not baseless. Some time, somewhere, he had experienced this feeling before...


What the heck?!


"I am a tragedy looper. We turn back time to keep tragedies from happening. One of those tragedies was the death of your loved one."


Impossible, right?


But why... Why did the his heart urged him to believe such nonsense? 


The man's legs took him to his lover's class. He had never been there, but he knew. 


He forced the class door open and scream out the girl's name.


It was too late.


Everything fell into place. The memory returned in a tidal wave.


The first time, it happened without warning. The two lovers had just talked on the phone, planning on another secret escapade. He was an office worker, she was a model student. They longingly called on one another, shivering at the thought of thrilling romance. Before they could meet up, her face was on the news. She was killed and nobody knew how.


The second time, the tragedy looper came to warn him about the incident. They told him he should get to her side. He laughed at him, mocked him for being a lunatic. She died.


The third time around, the uneasiness had built up within yhe young man's psyche. When the tragedy looper came, he still mocked him, but the man rushed to the girl's school right away. He was not allowed to enter. He was discouraged and left.


They have arrived at the fourth loop The final one. It was the lover's last chance to save his loved one.


He managed to get into the school where the girl was. He managed to get to her side. Still, he was too late. He was holding cold, dead body in his arms.


Time had been reset, but the heart remembered. The fear and sadness of losing someone piled up loop by loop... And in the end, paranoia exploded and engulfed the poor young man whole.

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Writer iggy11
iggy11 at Looping Paranoia (5 years 43 weeks ago)

amazing story and i like to read this story

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