The Setting Sun Eats Your Words

So tell me
Which one do you prefer
Cantankerously abrasive
Or venomously suspicious?

So choke on me
Like you used to be
Tear apart what I haven't seen
Or be anyone who would seem

Discussed in the sunset
Are the stories unchained
Linger endlessly
Spin around furiously

Don't drown in silence
O little man, o lonely man
Somewhat raw but eaten
"Off, you go. Off woman!"

Until both have no fun
Words swallowed by the sun

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(72 words) posted by Black Angel 9 years 7 weeks ago
Tags: Puisi | cinta | death | Kehidupan | kematian | Love | siren
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Writer amel00
amel00 at The Setting Sun Eats Your Words (7 years 4 weeks ago)

I like the title selection on this Pusis

Aneka Kertas Continuous Form |Info Harga Pintu Harmonika


I would say, "Yeah! Spill it all out." It's kinda interesting since I've been used to thinking that most kners would associate the image of a sunset with something mellow. Guess you're not one of them.

Writer man Atek
man Atek at The Setting Sun Eats Your Words (7 years 5 weeks ago)

wow ... Spin around furiously, like turbulence of air flowing. sipsip!

Writer rirant
rirant at The Setting Sun Eats Your Words (7 years 6 weeks ago)

Is this the story of silence? When couple just watching sunset with no word spoken? I am trying to catch the meaning of your british poetry hakhakhak.

However, your poetry is awesome, keep it up and greeting (salam) :D

Writer Black Angel
Black Angel at The Setting Sun Eats Your Words (7 years 6 weeks ago)

Hi rirant. You can see right through me. A story of silence, indeed. Thanks a bunch for reading.