Mythical Statue



Before a myth, he was a statue

Before a statue, he was a madman

Before a madman, he was a warrior


Fellow blade swingers trembled in fear

Lords and knights forgot their oath

Banners of courage and valor, thrown into fire

People then counseled him to abandon the road


But there he stood still

Armed with holy steel

Clad in scales of dragon

Ready to brave the legend


None had faith in his survival

But nobody dared to say he lost

For the city was intact and unraped

And on the main road, a statue was erect


It was his face and apparel indeed

Made of minerals unknown to all smiths

It cast no shadow and reflected nothing

Some said it was a divine’s gift for his sufferings


And for hundreds of years, with this mercy, he awoke at night, walked to her house, listening to her chatter with her new lover, haunted her grave, and sending whispers to her descendants

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Writer avangers
avangers at Mythical Statue (5 years 5 weeks ago)

Puisi ini apakah diambil dari sebuah novel ya ?

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Writer smith61
smith61 at Mythical Statue (4 years 40 weeks ago)

enggak kok ngarang sendiri

Writer micetto_paradiso
micetto_paradiso at Mythical Statue (5 years 22 weeks ago)

Jadi opening novel mantap nih

Writer mas_er
mas_er at Mythical Statue (5 years 25 weeks ago)

It's just a narration.