Atop The Dying Hill

Atop the hill, mounting warhorse

Armies bellow, haunted by shadow

Black was the night, cracked was the moon

Besieged by nothing, I feared everything

         I led them here to the dying hill

                   Fully armed yet without knowledge

                                      Of what monsters to seek

                                                and what plunders to pick


Atop the hill, my ride went mad

Screaming blood and spurting pus

My captains fled, my soldiers dead

The stars fooled me, so here I bled


Atop the hill, I saw faces,

Some I knew, some was new

Unsheathed my blade, then it vanished

Took a step, felt some grass, gone my boots

I was undressed and violently ravaged by insecurity


They’re your due

Why they hound me too?

Like all my troops and all my equipment

I laid myself down before perishment

Here, all I was, lost in a moment

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Writer mas_er
mas_er at Atop The Dying Hill (5 years 25 weeks ago)

Saya gagal paham apakah tujuan puisi ini ditulis seperti ini (dengan bahasa Inggris). Apakah puisi ini bergaya dan bertata bahasa barat? Tapi nampaknya ini hanya puisi berbahasa Indonesia biasa yang di-English-kan.

Keep writing