“Hurting you was the last thing that I wanted to do,” says her with teary eyes.

It was a life time ago, when everything was in place, everything was perfect. She was everything I could’ve asked for, and her smile brought me joy every single day. Everything was in order, until one morning when she told me about the things she had done behind my back. She said she was leaving me with my own step brother. And just like that, three years of relationship was gone.

And now here she is, throwing these excuses and begging me to take her back, as if what she did was that easy to forgive. She is using her tears to draw my sympathy, because she knows that I never liked to see her cry. But it doesn’t work. I feel nothing.

“I regret it every single day, Danny! Leaving you was the biggest mistake, I shouldn’t have done that. I was such a stupid, egoistic bitch!”

“Indeed you were,” I add calmly. To that she breaks into tears, falls down to her knees, and wraps her arms around my legs. She starts begging for my forgiveness again. But it changes nothing. I still don’t feel anything.

“Danny, please… give me one more chance and I’ll prove to you that I’ve changed. I will never, ever, do anything like that again. I will do anything to please you, I promise!” she sobs as she wraps her arms tighter around my legs.

“Broken things are sometimes beyond repair, Lisa.” I speak with the most controlled intonations. My face is emotionless. Lisa fails to reply to my words, only her sobs remain.

“It’s funny isn’t it? You are begging me to take you back, but you would never do that if not for the sake of saving your own ass. You aren’t even telling the truth. You think your lies will save you, but your lies do not change the fact that at this moment I have the power to take your life.” I untangle her arms from my legs, and she crawls to the corner of the room as fast as she can. She wraps her arms around her knees and stays there doing nothing but crying. She doesn’t even have the courage to stare.

“You think I am here for revenge, but you’re wrong. I come here only for Chester. You just happen to uncover my face.” I take several steps closer to her. She closes her eyes and covers her head in fear. Her entire body is shaking uncontrollably.

“I meant you no harm. But you’ve seen me and I have no choice.” I gently press my knife against her neck. She trembles harder.

“No… please…” I press it deeper against her bare skin and blood flows slowly from the cut. She dares not to move. I reach out my other hand to lift her chin up so her white face faces mine.

“I am about to cut your throat, Lisa, and know that it’s beyond my will,” I say softly, “I am sorry.”

“What have you become?” she whispers just a moment before I slice her throat. Blood spatters, so much of it, and she falls onto the floor, dying. I watch everything in silence.

The bedroom smells like death. Two dead bodies and blood puddle underneath my feet.

What have I become?


I still feel nothing.




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Writer alinaza
alinaza at Nothing (5 years 25 weeks ago)

baguuusss aku menikmati membaca setiap kalimat bahasa inggrisnya hehehhee...
di akhir kaget juga ya ternyata si tokoh utama kayaknya bukan protagonis ya heheheh

Writer daniswanda
daniswanda at Nothing (5 years 27 weeks ago)

Bahasa Inggrisnya rapi dan enak dibaca. Tapi di endingnya dahi saya malah berkerut, kebingungan soal keberadaan mayat yg satu lagi. Soalnya nggak ada tanda-tanda di awal itu siapa. Apa keliwat yak bacanya?

Writer fuaina
fuaina at Nothing (5 years 27 weeks ago)

“You think I am here for revenge, but you’re wrong. I come here only for Chester. You just happen to uncover my face.”

kayaknya kelewatan yang itu deh hahaha
tapi kayaknya saya emang kurang jelas sih jelasin siapa yang ada di situ. seharusnya chester itu step brothernya danny, tapi saya lupa jelasin -.-"