I Am A Runner


The sun was high. The morning was gone. But there we were, roasted by the most powerful heat source in the universe without the cloud’s protection. Oh, how I would really like to go home and sleep. But I couldn’t. Because the day was not over yet. And there we were, roasted in the middle of open field.

There they go. The first ten person, lined up and getting ready. The temperature was rising, and so was the tension. The winner took the highest praise, and another ten formed a new line. And so it went, until my group of ten.

In my mind, numbers and time records were swirling around. I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t hear anything. Dirt flew all over around me. Figures moved past me, and suddenly there’s nobody around me.

Run, Bill, run!!!!

And my legs moved instantly. Others were already leaving me far behind. I started to cry. I thought I was going to fail again.

Run, Bill, run!!!!

I started hearing voices. Bad voices. Good voices. Discouragements. Encouragements. Every single one mixed into an unrecognizable buzz inside my head.

Run, Bill, run!!!!

I know!! I know!!! Shut your mouth!!! And I kept running. Everything was a blur. I kept running. I was oblivious to my surroundings. My legs kept moving. Faster and faster.

Run, Bill, run!!!!

SHUT UP!!!! I’m getting tired of the voices. My legs were hurting, my chest felt like it was going to blow out, and my eyelids felt very heavy. I closed my eyes.

Run, Bill, run!!!!

Fragments of memory came into my mind. The little me, in front of a coloring book. The little me, dancing to the sing-along songs. The little me, singing along the book.

I’ve been working on the railroad,
all the live long day
I’ve been working on the railroad,
Just to pass the time away...

The song kept going. I’ve closed my eyes, concentrating on the music, the one music I loved so much. The one music lost by business of a grown-up life.

“Stop, Bill, stop!!!!”

Damn!! What do you want??!! First you told me to run, now you’re telling me to stop. Is this some kind of a joke? I’m not going to listen to you.

“Stop, Bill!!!! You’re done!!!!”

I can’t. I have to complete this. I have to keep running. This is my last chance. Be gone, you evil thoughts!!!! My legs were hurting, my cloth’s damp, it’s too bright for me to see. And I kept closing my eyes. Falling into darkness…. Falling… Falling….


“Where am I….?”
“You’re at school nursery. You passed out at the track. You shouldn’t have pushed yourself too hard. It’s not good for your health.”
“You made a record time there, young man. Now go to sleep. I’ve called your parents and they’re coming here to get you.”
“So I…?”
“Yes. You’ve passed the physical education class. Good job. Now rest.”

I….. passed….

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Writer Tedjo
Tedjo at I Am A Runner (14 years 13 weeks ago)

yah.. English ya..:) hmm...kurang lentur....tapi nice!! short story!

Writer vieajah
vieajah at I Am A Runner (14 years 13 weeks ago)


Writer edowallad
edowallad at I Am A Runner (14 years 13 weeks ago)

i never have guts to write in english...

Writer adrian.achyar
adrian.achyar at I Am A Runner (14 years 13 weeks ago)

Nice story, bro!

Anyway, there are some error in grammar such as:

There they go

and suddenly there’s nobody around me.

I think they should be written in past tenses, like the rest of the text.

my chest felt like it was going to blow out

I think it's just "blow", not "blow out". I think "blow out" means "to become extinguished: The candles blew out at once." Check it out here: dictionary.reference.com/browse/blow%20out

Well, just a suggestion. Good story, man!

Fly Again. Guys, comments, please ^^

Writer creativeway13th
creativeway13th at I Am A Runner (14 years 13 weeks ago)

hmmm will, gue bingung...^^ mungkin inggris gue gak nyampe neh..^^